Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Rozgar Camps – An Opportunity for the Unskilled Workers

India has a large number of skilled and unskilled workers. The skilled and educated category of employers is contributing to the growth of India as well as foreign countries. The Indians are acquiring name and fame in developed countries like USA. The Indian skilled employees are in prominent positions in India and outside India. An educated or skilled Indian is aware with the job opportunities and has knowledge where to go and find the work. However, for the unskilled finding a job is a difficult task.

The primary reason why people are not able to find the work is not unemployment but Unemployability

There are huge categories of unskilled works like construction labor, cook, maid, carpenter, plumber, delivery boy and so on,but still blue-collar workers are either idle or helpless to work at very low wages. The reason is lack of knowledge and education. Even the skilled and experienced workers can find obstacles to get a right job as per the skills. People are not able to find and hold a job.

Why Rozgar Camps?

Job search may be easy for the skilled employees as they could search the right job through the right job portal by just entering a proper keyword. We have initiated a step as “Rozgar Camp” to provide the job opportunities for the unskilled and blue-collar workers.  The Rozgar Camps are reaching the factory areas to collect the information of labors or workers or unskilled categories of workers. The significant number of unskilled workers is idle or jobless as they have no or low education to use a computer or operate a fully automatic machine. However, unskilled categories can perform the manual labor like caretaker, maid,operating any semi-automatic factory machines or can do the construction labor.

The Rozgar camp is providing an opportunity to the find Unskilled Workers Jobs . All information is stored in our database, which is helping the employer to find a labor or worker. Now we have thousands of jobs in the unexpected categories of the unskilled. Employers can find resume of the unskilled and can contact them according to the nature of work.

Reaching the Goal

The Rozgar Camp is accommodating for both the employers who are finding the blue-collar workers and for the unskilled who are not able to find the work with proper payment. This new gateway is encouraging the unskilled to find a job or change a job. We respect the manual works of the unskilled and believe that any person who has less knowledge or skill must not be undervalued. The manual workers should also get the opportunity to work with dignity and must receive the proper payment for their work. Theincircle job portal is reaching their goal to provide jobs to the unskilled. Find more jobs, visit  www.theincircle.com


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