Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Job Seekers Get A Dream Job –Through Updated Resume

Resume plays an important role to find a dream Jobs for you. The resume is your ‘first introduction’ to the organization or employers. A resume should be clear, precise and specific. Avoid too lengthy resumes, including unnecessary information and avoid too short resumes with a very little information.
Points to be remembered:
•    Add job title – Add the role/position you are looking for. The specific role or position helps the employers to locate you.
•    Clarity – Ensure your resume is clear means no grammatical mistakes or spelling errors. The perfectly written resume increases the interest of the employers to read more.
•    Professional achievement – Mention the professional achievements if you are an experienced employee. Mention if you got any special training in your past organization or being promoted.
•    Roles &Responsibilities – Details the task you have performed and can perform. The role and responsibilities should be clearly mentioned in points. It would help the employers to locate a right Fresher Job for you.
•    Educational Details – Add all the academic details in your resume in a systematic manner means high school (if necessary) or college degrees or last acquired higher education.
•    Professional Courses – Add the professional courses you have done for the job purpose and for the professional growth. Adding such courses could grab the attention of the employers.
•    Years of Experience – Years of experience must be mentioned with the profile. For example, if you have played multiple roles during the years, mention the roles and the number of experience in that role.
•    Use bullet list format – A bullet list in your resume for description makes the text clear and easy to read. The employers find such resumes attractive as it have listed points.
•    Add Key Words– Online search is game of key words and same is applicable for the resumes too. Use of proper keywords can make the resume search easy for the hiring authorities. Additions of job-specific keywords are necessary for the job providers to search you.
•    Read and Proofread – Always double check your resume. Proofreading of your resume is necessary as a minor mistake can cause problems. The details on your resume should be precise as slight mistake could mis-communicate wrong information to the employers. A mistake in mobile number or email ID can stop the employers to contact you. So be careful!
•    Update Resume – Ensure your resume is time to time updated with the correct information. The most updated resume is considered first. Keep your resume updated and ensure to add all the latest skills or qualification.
•    Resume URL – The trend of online resume with proper URL helps employers to visit your profile and it is impressive too. Addition of professional URL of Find Resume with contact information is a new way to impress the employers.


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Thursday, 9 July 2015

Best Online Job Portals for Freshers to Find the Jobs

The job portals can help you in finding a right career or a new job. As a fresher job portal provides you various career options as per your skills, qualification, and your preferred locations. The job portals are time-saving and let you know the right information at your inbox or employer can call you directly. You don’t have to go different organizations or offices to find out the jobs. Even you hardly read newspapers for the jobs, because newspaper reading requires time and you have to search each paragraph for the job you are looking for.

Job Portals provide you all the information about the career you are interested based on the information filled by the candidates at the time of registration. The Job Portals require all your details like personal information, email, phone number, educational background, professional skills, years of experience (if you are an experienced person) and the most important the key words for the specific profile you require like copy editor or content writer. The information on the job portals should be correct and time to time update is mandatory to get the right career.

Best Job Portals  For Job Search

There are a number of job portals best for the job search like,,,  Times,,,,, Career, and These all are reliable job sites providing the jobs at your fingertips. The users can find jobs using the keywords like company name, location, and area of specialization. Both experienced and freshers can get benefits for applying the jobs using the job portals. The eligible freshers  can check the wide range of jobs and grab a job of their choice. These job portals are helpful for finding a job, according to the skills, salary range, location, years of experience, area of specialization, addition of new skills and searching the job based on new skills. Finding a job as per the company name and the location is attracting the newest breeds to find their dream company.
What makes us different!

THEINCIRCLE job portal reaching the new height as a most reliable and searchable job portal. Like the other job portals, we have all the categories, for example, national and international jobs by industry like customer service, IT/Software, production/maintenance, engineering design/construction and more. The unexpected categories for types of industries, encouraging the new talents to select an option of their choice which is suitable for their future career. Besides the skilled freshers, we have also job options for the Unskilled Workers who are lacking experience in any work but looking for a job for a long time. 

We are providing the work to the people who are unskilled, have zero experience, and are not employed. We are encouraging the unskilled who are interested to do any kind of work to make a living. This is what makes us different and unique. The concept for the unskilled fresher is thoughtful as the purpose of our job portal is employment for all. To reach a high goal, you need a ladder and our job portal is providing you a ladder to success.
Visit our website to find the fresher jobs


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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Job Seekers - Right Position Can Be Achieved Without Great Efforts

Job search seems to be a tedious process if you are searching a job for a long time. Some freshers are not aware of the career option, they could take longer than usual time to select a career, and however, most of the freshers are very vigilant in their specific career choice. For the experienced, it may be difficult to get what you are expecting for a long time. Being experienced does not guarantee you to get the fat salary and position as most of the companies are providing more job opportunities to freshers with low salary and providing on-job training. Hiring an experienced employee could be expensive for some of the organization as an experienced requires more than a standard salary package. However, there is always another side of a coin, salary is not a big deal for most of the big companies, or MNCs and such companies considered only the experienced skilled employees.
Prior to job searching, keeping some points in mind will help you to find a job according to your skill.

If you are a fresher, focus on your career goal and set your resume accordingly. Do not write everything you want to do, it will puzzle the recruiter. Add some specific skills in which you are proficient and good. For example, if you are a commerce graduate and want to continue your career as an accountant, write some points about your educational knowledge and professional knowledge about Accountancy and how you are keenly interested to initiate your career as an accountant. Find accountant  for freshers instead Fresher Jobs Because searching fresher jobs will provide you huge options and you will get confused in choosing the work you wished to begin. Specific job search with right keywords will help you to find a job as per your requirement. Search using filters like location and roles. In the beginning of your career, it would be better to join a job for learning purpose than earning purpose. 

For experienced job seekers, a good position and salary package are first priorities after a long time experience. NEVER go backward in your career just because you have resigned from the previous organization without any job in hand and now you don’t want to be a jobless. Experienced have the skills and knowledge to the growth and development of any organization. Focus what you want to do next? Want to continue the same profile or want to change the profile? The major disadvantage of changing the profile is that the companies will not count your experience in the new profile and could negotiate for the salary part. Being experienced in same profile may get you good offers. It’s all your decision as changing profile is also a good initiation than being stuck with one profile. It will add more skills to your resume and shows the various capabilities of a candidate.

Search Jobs for experienced in Job Portal using specific search, like the designation (e.g., copy editor, content writer, or SEO writer) and location (Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon). Do not search all the experienced jobs. For example, if you are a copy editor, view the jobs related to the experienced copy editors, filter the years of experience any organization required.
A simple search in job portal can get you the right job which is time saving as wells. Register today at the and find the huge job options for the freshers and experienced. 



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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Rozgar Camps – An Opportunity for the Unskilled Workers

India has a large number of skilled and unskilled workers. The skilled and educated category of employers is contributing to the growth of India as well as foreign countries. The Indians are acquiring name and fame in developed countries like USA. The Indian skilled employees are in prominent positions in India and outside India. An educated or skilled Indian is aware with the job opportunities and has knowledge where to go and find the work. However, for the unskilled finding a job is a difficult task.

The primary reason why people are not able to find the work is not unemployment but Unemployability

There are huge categories of unskilled works like construction labor, cook, maid, carpenter, plumber, delivery boy and so on,but still blue-collar workers are either idle or helpless to work at very low wages. The reason is lack of knowledge and education. Even the skilled and experienced workers can find obstacles to get a right job as per the skills. People are not able to find and hold a job.

Why Rozgar Camps?

Job search may be easy for the skilled employees as they could search the right job through the right job portal by just entering a proper keyword. We have initiated a step as “Rozgar Camp” to provide the job opportunities for the unskilled and blue-collar workers.  The Rozgar Camps are reaching the factory areas to collect the information of labors or workers or unskilled categories of workers. The significant number of unskilled workers is idle or jobless as they have no or low education to use a computer or operate a fully automatic machine. However, unskilled categories can perform the manual labor like caretaker, maid,operating any semi-automatic factory machines or can do the construction labor.

The Rozgar camp is providing an opportunity to the find Unskilled Workers Jobs . All information is stored in our database, which is helping the employer to find a labor or worker. Now we have thousands of jobs in the unexpected categories of the unskilled. Employers can find resume of the unskilled and can contact them according to the nature of work.

Reaching the Goal

The Rozgar Camp is accommodating for both the employers who are finding the blue-collar workers and for the unskilled who are not able to find the work with proper payment. This new gateway is encouraging the unskilled to find a job or change a job. We respect the manual works of the unskilled and believe that any person who has less knowledge or skill must not be undervalued. The manual workers should also get the opportunity to work with dignity and must receive the proper payment for their work. Theincircle job portal is reaching their goal to provide jobs to the unskilled. Find more jobs, visit

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Friday, 3 July 2015

Huge Job Openings For The Accountants At Theincircle

 An accountant plays the primary role in the growth and development of a business. Accountants are required in big MNCs to small offices. Accountants are in demand and are considered the vibrant professionals. An accountant helps the organization to achieve goals and is responsible for all the financial decisions. If you are a commerce  graduate, you may be a prominent candidate for the job of an accountant however; accounting can be learned separately without a specific field of educational background. Looking for an accountant, log on to theincircle
Primary tasks of an accountant
•    Maintaining the financial records precisely
•    Responsible for the tax payment on time for the organization or individual
•    Update the accounting books and systems
•    Providing the financial advice and taking decision accordingly
•    All the auditing services for an organization and individual
•    All the financial statements are checked by the accountant
•    Updating the management with the latest accounting skills for the organization
•    Maintaining balance sheets, ledger accounts and so on

Auditing is an important part of your work if you are an accountant. Accountants have many career options for example – A Government Accountant keeps records of government offices, A Public Accountant performs auditing, tax and consulting duties for the corporations or government agencies or individual, or An Internal Auditor improves the process of the organization or business using different ways and ideas.

Accountant Job requires more responsibility and concentration as one miscalculation can affect the financial record of your organization. Due to the global corporate development, accounting career and accountants are getting the higher response. Personal accountants are also hired for the individual with a fat financial background. The accounts professionals have more earning opportunity and they can work from home too. An accountant is expected to be a perfectionist who could never make a mistake and do the things slowly but perfectly.

Apply for the accounting job through Huge vacancies for the accountant are available. Register today and get your dream job. Visit

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Thursday, 2 July 2015

Rozgar Camps In Delhi For Unskilled And Midskilled Worker Jobs

I believe in the dignity of labor, whether with hand or head; that the world owes no man a living but that it owes every man an opportunity to make a living John D. Rockefeller

Very truly quoted by John D. Rockefeller and we must value the unskilled workers as without them nothing could be bigger.

The Rozgar Camps organized in Delhi for the unskilled workers had received the huge response from the workers and labors. We are happy and content with this initiative for the unskilled workers who cannot register them in a job portal. There is no lack of Unskilled Jobs In Delhi but the main issue for the employers to reach the labors. The job portals are meant for the skilled workers and most of the job portals do not have the option for the unskilled workers or labors. This category of workers is not educated enough to find the work using the online information. Unskilled workers or labors have only physical strength and minor knowledge of operating any semi-automatic machine.

The Rozgar Camps are organized in different localities of Delhi for collecting all the basic information of the unskilled workers or labors who are needy. The target of Rozgar camps is to reach more workers or labors to assist them in finding jobs. This unskilled category is underestimated and getting no recognition even after providing their remarkable contribution for the welfare of the society. The construction work related to any building, road, and even for running the factories you need labors or workers. The toil of the labors in the factories cannot be undervalued. The Rozgar Camps recognized the value of these workers. We are getting a number of registrations through the Rozgar Camps and these workers or labors are getting encouragement to choose the work they want.

The labors and workers in Delhi are helpless to do any work due to the lack of information and knowledge. The Rozgar Camp is an attempt to expand the knowledge of the workers related to the work they can do better. The curiosity of the unskilled workers can be clearly observed with the huge response the Rojgar Camps receive day by day. Due to the lack of knowledge and information, many unskilled workers are idle and working under a difficult condition with very low wages.

The Rozgar Camps value the unskilled workers and have planned to arrange more camps in the future covering all parts of Delhi and NCR. Whether you are a skilled or unskilled, each one of us has a right to make a living using the proper resources. The Rozgar Camps are meant for the unskilled workers with low or no education, but have a courage to work hard to run their families and live a normal life. 

For the unskilled jobs in Delhi, visit



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